about me

i am not a photographer but i take a lot of photos.
i like that they help me remember dates and keep a coherent timeline in my head.
i have a particular interest in photographing graffiti. the idea that each tag, sticker,
or piece was put up by an individual expressing themself is beautiful to me,
even if they don't intend it that way.
the most human urge is often just to call out,
to say "i'm here now, even if i wont be tomorrow."

this site will be used as a repository for some of the photos i take, as well as a diary. the contents of my entries, which can be read by clicking through their corresponding images, are NOT guaranteed to be SFW. i am using this site to post (mostly) unfiltered thoughts, and some entries may be inappropriate or triggering, though NONE will contain graphic depictions of violence, gore, or pornography.

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